When was the last time the seahawks were in the superbowl? And who did they play.

The last and only time the Seattle Seahawks played in the Superbowl was in Super Bowl XL on February 5, 2006. Superbowl 40 was played at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan against the Pittsburgh Steelers, who won the Superbowl by the score of 21-10. Unfortunately, the loss was Seattle's only Superbowl appearance since joining the National Football League in 1976 (the 1976/1977 season).

Many fans of the Seahawks, as well as other analysts and commentators, felt that Seattle may have been victimized by bad calls by referees in the Superbowl 40 game. The head official of the game came out 4 years later, stating that there had been blown calls in the game.

Many were reminded of Superbowl XL when one of the most controversial endings ever happened in the Monday Night Football game featuring the Seahawks and Packers on September 24, 2012. This time Seattle benefited by what many felt was a bad call. Seahawks' receiver Golden Tate was ruled to have made a simultaneous catch and given a touchdown, while many fans, analysts, and commentators felt the defender for Green Bay had made an interception. The play called attention to the problem of the use of replacement referees during a referee strike. Many feel the play may have worked to end the lockout of the officials.