When does this show called "TMZ live" come on on directv?

The television show produced by TMZ.com is “TMZ on TV” or sometimes just “TMZ.” “TMZ Live” is their live streaming webcast that can be viewed at TMZ.com at 1:30pm local (Los Angeles, CA) time.

The television show “TMZ” first aired September 10, 2007. It is filmed from a “fly on the wall” perspective; as if the viewer were sitting in on a staff meeting in which the day’s stories are discussed. Since the show is syndicated, it does not appear solely on one television network; however it is often carried by CW or Fox affiliates. Local channels can be found on DirecTV between channels 2 and 69. CW is also broadcast on 394 and 395, Fox can be found at 398 and 399.

Due to a financial disagreement Tribune Co. has stopped airing their content on DirecTV. Tribune owns two dozen television stations around the country, many of which are Fox and CW affiliates.

TMZ.com was the original branch of the organization to be established. November 8, 2005 the site went live and immediately gained a foothold in the industry with their coverage of Mel Gibson’s infamous DUI arrest.

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