When are they planning to tear down the Vikings Metrodome?

There's no date yet on when the Vikings Metrodome will be demolished, but groundbreaking and construction of the new facility is scheduled to begin in October 2013. They will continue to use the Metrodome until demolition, then they will use TCF Bank Stadium while the new stadium is being completed.

Construction on the current Metrodome started in 1979 and cost $55 million to build. The stadium is the ninth oldest stadium, as well as the loudest domed stadium in the National Football League. Peak decibel levels have been compared to a jet airliner during games.

We heard that the new stadium design will be unveiled early next year and will have a price tag of $975 million! Wow!

Friday, December 21 2012
Source: http://www.vikings.com/stadium/metrodome.html