What's the phone number for the twic enrollment center in Beaumont Texas?

Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) enrollment centers have changed to a new enrollment provider as part of the TSA Universal Enrollment Services (UES) initiative.

Please contact: UES Call Center at 1-855-DHS-UES1 (1-855-347-8371); Monday-Friday 8AM-10PM (Eastern).

UES Enrollment Center in Beaumont, Texas is located at 85 Interstate 10 N, Suite 203, Beaumont, TX 77707-2500. Available Monday to Friday, from 8AM to 4PM.

If you have questions regarding TWIC enforcement and policy guidance, please contact USCG at 1-877-MTSA-AID (1-877-687-2243; option #1) or at uscg-twic-helpdesk@uscg.mil.

The National Maritime Security Advisory Committee will get updated about ongoing rulemaking procedures related to the Transportation Worker Identification Credential, or TWIC, and a radiation portal monitoring program underway in U.S. ports. Learn more at Government Security News.

Friday, September 13 2013

Source: https://universalenroll.dhs.gov/locator

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