What's the last year you don't have to smog a vehicle

Not Legal Advice: In California, the following rules still apply to a smog inspection: Still exempt from the State of California Smog Check program are the following vehicles and engines: Hybrid powered motor vehicles, 2 wheel motorcycles, Diesel cars and trucks (1997 and older), Diesel trucks (Over 14,500 GVW), Motor vehicles with 1 or 2 cylinders, 2-stroke engines (Excluding rotary engines), Engines under 819cc, 1975 model year vehicles and older, 6 model years old (Except for initial registration in California or change of ownership).

California law also limits the amount of money that is required to be spent on repairs that are needed to pass a biennial Smog Check inspection to $450 minimum. If you have spent at least $450 on repairs at a Smog Check station and your vehicle continues to fail inspection, you may qualify for a Repair Cost Waiver. However, home repairs do not qualify as credit toward the $450 minimum amount as well.

Let's clear the air, the American Lung Association has released its annual State of the Air report. They found that more than 40% of the population, or 131 million people, live in counties that have unhealthy levels of pollution. The five most polluted cities in terms of year-round particle exposure are all in California and it includes the following areas as well: Bakersfield-Delano and Merced (tied for first), Fresno-Madera (third), Hanford-Corcoran and Los Angeles-Long Beach-Riverside (tied for fourth). Thanks to the Clean Air Act, the USA continues to make progress with healthier air. The State of the Air 2013 also shows that the USA's air quality is overall much cleaner!

Updated on Tuesday, May 28 2013 at 05:34PM EDT
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