Whats the kelly blue book value for a 1987 Z28 camero?

Kelley Blue Book does not cover 1987 on vehicles. Depending on the options and condition of the vehicle, the NADA guide prices the retail price at $2,875 to $7,733.

The first Camaro model was the 1967, introduced on September 26, 1966. Camaro popularity soared when a RS/SS Convertible with the 396 paced the 1967 Indianapolis 500 race. Chevrolet built three special Camaro pace cars for the 1967 Indianapolis 500 auto race.

The Black Panther Camaro is said to be the rarest dealer-offered Camaro that was ever made. According to reports made, less than 50 were ever made and only 2 that were still left in existence were known. Modifications such as heavy-duty front coils, rear leaf stiffeners, tubular shocks, 10" front disc brakes, power assist brakes and steering, 500 magnum wheels and low profile Uniroyal 8.55 X 14 tubeless tires were added to the dealer-modified Panther Camaro cars.

In recent news, Chevrolet introduced the restyled 2014 Camaro line at the New York Auto Show, including the return of the Z/28 recently. Like the original, the 2014 Camaro Z/28 is offered only with a manual transmission. Among many features on this vehicle, the racing-style, cold-air induction system and large K&N air filter provide maximum air flow to the engine. The 2014 Z/28 also makes standard all the cooling systems that are required for track use.

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