What's the difference between a super power and a great power?

In the context of a nation's place in the world, generally, one can be categorized a superpower if it has dominated the world with clear evidence of influences to the majority of countries overseas.

Great power on the other hand is a title given to nations who has established a remarkable effect than all of the other countries combined. This one is on a regional basis. Superpower is leaning towards global dominance.

The definitions above are not the absolute accepted difference between the two powers. Most of the time, a list showing a set of countries tagged under each category depends on the author.

In 2015, Walter Russell Mead, an expert in National Security Government and Politics International Relations at Hudson Institute, has presented on who the real “G-7” (Great Powers) countries are.

Ranked by their ability to shape both their immediate environments and the broader world, the list includes:

1) USA

2) Germany

3) China

4) Japan

5) Russia

6) India

7) Saudi Arabia

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