Whats the bird on the hood of a trans am?

The famous hood bird graphic on the Pontiac Trans Am is actually not a real creature, it was a Firebird design.

Car designer Bill Porter did the original "screaming chicken" big hood bird (for the 1970-1/2 Trans Am) concept and the design was rejected. He had sketched it out on a napkin and it was further developed by the Pontiac graphics department. A couple of years later, John Schinella pushed it through and it finally saw the light of day on the ’73 cars.

How the Pontiac Trans Am was born... find out here.

Of interest, classic car collectors say in recent years there has little to no gains in value for vehicles in anything but perfect condition. This includes the Pontiac Trans Am. In general, classic car prices drastically fell after the recession and today most on the market are selling for the same money they were five years ago.

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