Whats the bird on the hood of a trans am?

The famous hood bird graphic on the Pontiac Trans Am is actually not a real creature, it was a Firebird design.


Car designer Bill Porter did the original "screaming chicken" big hood bird (for the 1970-1/2 Trans Am) concept and the design was rejected. He had it sketched out on a napkin and it was further developed by the Pontiac graphics department. A couple of years later, John Schinella pushed it through and it finally saw the light of day on the ’73 cars.

The Pontiac Trans Am story started in 1966 when General Motors decided that Pontiac could have its own version of the new F-Body Chevrolet Camaro. Pontiac General Manager John DeLorean had wanted his own sports car for many years with prototypes like the Banshee. The Firebird was not his first choice, but he decided to make the best of it.

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