Whats that rap song with the squeaking bed in the background?

Take your pick! The rap songs with the squeaking bed in the background are "Some Cut" by Trillville, "Marvin Gaye and Chardonnay" by Big Sean feat. Kanye West and Roscoe Dash, and "Bad" by Wale feat. Tiara Thomas.

A squeaky toy hammer, a bed creaking sound, that sound thats goes like Eee-err Eee-err - most producers ripped it from Trillville’s “Some Cut”, where producer Lil Jon used the sample throughout the hook and intro.

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Big Sean recruited Kanye West for "Marvin Gaye and Chardonnay" - the third single from the rapper's debut album, Finally Famous.

Produced by Pop Wansel ("Your Love"), the title refers to what Big Sean bought you, girl, to set the mood, layering the beat with irksome, bed-squeaking noises throughout the entire track.

“Bad” first appeared on Wale’s “Folarin” released late-2012 before eventually becoming the lead single on “The Gifted.”

This acoustic guitar heavy song is perfect for adding passion to any get it in session. The sound of squeaky bed springs, similar to Trillville’s own s classic “Some Cut” appear throughout the song providing a level of love-making realism.