What's a good slogan for a clinical psychologist?

Consider some of the following slogans:

  • Think Once, Think Twice, Think Clinical Psychologist
  • Helping You Change Your Mind
  • Great Minds Think Great
  • Positive Thinking Opens The Door for Great Living
  • Helping You Experience Life At Its Best by Changing Attitudes of Mind
  • We've Got Your Brain Covered
  • Clinical Psychologist: Your Mind's Best Friend
  • Thinking Outside the Box You can also get ideas from these 15 Great Psychology Quotes, shared by Psychology.com. A slogan is a phrase intended to capture the essence of the ideas connected to an organization. It is a short yet powerful way to present product features and benefits using only a few punchy words. The idea is for the slogan to make the consumer feel good when they read it.

Slogans may seem to be nothing more than just another marketing approach; in actuality however, a strong current of subconscious activity runs beneath this seeming simplicity. Know the The Psychology of a Smart Slogan, shared by Erica Harrison for Corporate-Eye.com.

Find out the world's most famous advertising slogans, compiled by MarketingFAQ.

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Tuesday, September 01 2015
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