Whatever happened to Jeri Weil, "Judy," of the "Leave It To Beaver" TV series?

Jeri Weil quit acting and according to one of the most recent posts about the former child star's life, she has become a successful realtor in Los Angeles, CA and was planning to publish a 3 book set of semi-autobiographical books about her life.

You can visit LITB.com which offers a plethora of information on the classic television series.

Jeri Weil played as Judy Hensler, Beaver Cleaver's classmate. She appeared in 31 of the show's 235 episodes. By the time "Leave It to Beaver" premiered, Weil, born in 1948, had appeared in at least six movies, though they were all uncredited roles, and one TV series. - Stardem.com.

For more info about what Jeri Weil is up to these days, you can visit her Facebook page.

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