Whatever happen to former kmtv weather gal carol scott?

After exhaustive research we found little to nothing about what has happened to former KMTV's weather girl, Carol Scott.

Below are some bits of information we've gathered from the net during her working heyday:

She has been involved in journalism since she was in high school.

She went on to college but did not finish.

She worked at KOIL radio, where she wrote the public service copy and scheduled it on air.

She worked at another radio station in Little Rock, Ark., where she wrote advertisements and also did voice work.

She applied for a job in Omaha and was chosen from a group of about 50-70 because of her background in advertising and radio.

She used to commit in different public relations and was only get paid for doing commercial activities that will raise money for the station or other firms.

She has tried many secretarial jobs before.

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Wednesday, February 08 2017
Source: http://bit.ly/2lrgiSu