What year and model truck did the waltons drive on the tv show?

According to Rodauthority.com, the 1929 Ford Model AA pickup was used by character John Walton, Sr. (Ralph Waite) as transportation throughout the series, from 1972 to 1981.

Henry Ford started plans for the Model A (car) and AA (truck) in 1926 as the Model T and TT were becoming obsolete. Ever the innovator, Ford was able to implement the basic chassis platform rather quickly, and the body work was sent out to other manufacturers. Notably, however, both the A and AA shared materials and parts, with the AA receiving interiors that were much more simplistic.

Additional cars that appeared on the show with regularity throughout the years included a 1914 Model T ½-Ton, 1929/30 Model A Ford Coupe, 1928/1929 Ford Model A Roadster, 1930 Buick Series 60 Seven Passenger Phaeton, 1932 Ford Model B Sedan Delivery, 1932 Chevrolet Confederate Standard Coach, 1941 Plymouth Woodie station wagon, 1941 Buick Roadmaster Convertible Coupe, 1937 Packard, several Willys Jeeps and Harley-Davidson motorcycles, and many more.

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