What would disqualify a person from obtaining a passport.?

Not legal advice: Here are factors that disqualify you from obtaining a passport, featured at USA Today:

  • Felony drug convictions - U.S. Code Classification Table 2714 says that if you are convicted of a drug-related felony, you are not qualified to get a passport during the time you are incarcerated, during your court-mandated probation period, and can even have an existing passport taken away.

  • Child support cases - People who have unpaid child support arrears of over $2,500 are not eligible for a U.S. passport.

  • Unpaid federal loans - If you accept financial assistance in the form of a loan from the U.S. government in order to be send back into the country or if the government makes a loan to evacuate you and your family back to the U.S., you are required to pay the loan back before you can get a passport.

  • Minors without parental consent - If you are a minor under 16 years of age and do not get the consent of both of your parents or your legal guardian, your passport application will be denied

  • If the State Department decides that you are a real threat to national security or U.S. policy, you may be denied a passport.

  • If you have been ruled legally incompetent, are subject to felony arrest or have been forbidden -- by court order, parole or probation -- from leaving the country.

  • If you are found to have obtained a passport through fraudulent means or to have altered a passport.

First time applicants are encouraged to carefully read and follow all instructions to avoid delays in processing. Follow this guide that will prepare you to apply for a new U.S. passport.

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