what were john wayne's dimensions (height, weight) in 1960?

During an interview with Los Angeles Times writer Jack Smith and Times photographer Ray Graham (dated May 29, 1960), John Wayne said: “I am six foot four, 53 years old, and I have four children, two grandchildren — and I love good whisky.”

Wayne, who was already a sizable presence when he was born - weighing around 13 pounds - was about 110 kg (240 pounds) during those times.

While filming True Grit (1969), John Wayne was trying to keep his weight off with drugs - uppers for the day, downers to sleep at night. Occasionally, he got the pills mixed up, and this led to problems on a The Dean Martin Show (1965) taping in 1969.

Instead of taking an upper before leaving for the filming, he took a downer - and was ready to crash by the time he arrived on the set. - IMDb.com

Wayne died on June 11, 1979 at 5:23 P.M., Pacific daylight time, at U.C.L.A. Medical Center. The cause of death was given as complications from cancer.

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