What type of oil does a 2007 chevy aveo LS take?

Engine Oil for 2007 Chevrolet Aveo is 5W-30 (Conventional Oil, Full Synthetic Oil, High Mileage Oil, Synthetic Blend Oil or Recycled Oil).

Whether you do a recycled oil change, synthetic oil change, blended oil change or conventional oil change, knowing which oil to use is also a significant part of how to change oil in your 2007 Chevrolet Aveo. Using an incorrect engine oil viscosity in your 2007 Chevrolet Aveo can damage the engine and even void the vehicle’s warranty.

According to Edmunds the 2007 Chevrolet Aveo has been a popular choice in the past few years however it now faces plenty of worthy competition from Honda, Nissan and Toyota, while Kia and Hyundai continue to offer longer warranties. The 2007 Chevrolet Aveo is a subcompact sedan or four-door hatchback (Aveo5) and has a folding 60/40-split rear seat that lets the vehicle to carry up to 42 cubic feet of cargo.

Of interest, starting this month Chevy will offer the Cruze compact sedan with a diesel engine. It joins the two gas engines that have been available in the car since the Cruze began selling in 2010. Find out more at Los Angeles Times.

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