What town does swamp man shelby stanga from ax men live in

Shelby Stanga lives with his wife in Ponchatoula, Louisiana (a city in Tangipahoa Parish). He has been hunting, fishing and logging in the swamps north of New Orleans since he was only nine years old.

He grew up eating swamp rats and fighting alligators, and he drives to the grocery store in a forklift. On the show (History Channel's Ax Men), he is often accompanied by his dog Wiley, his friends Earl and Bob and his cousin Jarvis.

Some of the logs he recovers are ancient sinker logs which are out of the Bedico Swamp for more than 100 years. The age of some of these trees are ranges from 2,000 years old to 5,000 years old.

He said that these logs have absorbed minerals from the mud in a process that changes the appearance of the wood and the result is a rainbow of colors (yellow, red, blue, green, purple and brown), a very attractive product that he sells to such furniture-makers as the Northshore’s Keith Dufour.

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