What time is curfew in temecula ca on the weekends

Not Legal Advice: Every minor who is present in or upon any public or private street, road, drive, alley or trail; any public or community park or recreation area; any public ground, place or building; or any vacant lot or abandoned or vacant building between the hours of ten p.m. and the time of sunrise of the following day is guilty of an infraction unless the minor meets one of the exceptions set forth in subsection C of this section. (Ord. 97-16 § 2(A); Ord. 94-20 § 2)

Exceptions to curfew.

This chapter shall not apply if the minor is:

A. Accompanied by a custodial person or by the minor’s spouse over eighteen years of age;

B. On an errand directed by, and in possession of a written excuse from, a custodial person or spouse over eighteen years of age;

C. Engaged in or going directly to or returning directly from a school-approved activity or one that is supervised by school personnel, a medical appointment, a religious activity, other lawful educational or recreational activity supervised by adults and sponsored by the school, the city, a civic organization, or a similar entity that takes responsibility for the child;

D. Engaged in a lawful employment activity or in a place in connection with or as required by a business, trade, profession, or occupation in which the minor is lawfully engaged, or going directly to or returning directly from such activity;

E. Engaged in or going directly to or returning directly from any other lawful activity with written permission from a custodial person or spouse over the age of eighteen years of age;

F. Involved in an emergency or seeking medical assistance;

G. Exercising First Amendment rights protected by the United States Constitution or the California Constitution, including, but not limited to: free exercise of religion, freedom of speech and freedom of assembly;

H. In the right-of-way abutting the minor’s residence;

I. In a motor vehicle involved in interstate travel;

J. Emancipated pursuant to state law and California Family Code Section 7000, et seq., including, but not limited to, the following reasons: married or in the military service;

K. Homeless. (Ord. 97-16 § 2(C); Ord. 94-20 § 2)


A. Parental Responsibility. Every custodial person who allows or permits a minor in his or her custody to violate any provisions of this chapter is guilty of an infraction.

B. Community Service or Parenting Classes for First Offense. On a first offense, the court may order community service or parenting classes instead of a fine, as may be appropriate. (Ord. 97-16 § 2(B, D); Ord. 94-20 § 2)

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