What time in the morning does tn start selling beer

Not Legal Advice: In Tennessee, sale is not controlled by the state. Local ordinances apply.

Typically, on-premise sale is from 8am to 3am Monday to Saturday and 10am to 3am Sunday. Off-premise sale is from 8am to 11pm except Sundays.

Beer can be sold in supermarkets and interestingly enough open container laws only apply to the driver of a vehicle not their passengers.

It's not just friends who can encourage a hangover. Glasses the size of fish bowls, generous refills, and libations that taste like desserts can all put you on a path to pain the next morning, even if you had the best of intentions.

Whether you're heading to happy hour, a wedding, vacation, or a party, here are expert tips on how to sip your spirits without them haunting you the next morning shared by WebMD.

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Tuesday, August 23 2016
Source: http://www.legalbeer.com/liquor-laws-by-state