What time does Walmart usually put out their new movies on Tuesdays?

While Walmart doesn't specify the exact time they're releasing new movies, sources suggest that it varies by location. According to other sources, some stores put out the biggest titles at midnight, and usually around 6am-7am, staff start putting out the rest of the items.

Walmart offers a large selection of classic, horror, animated, action, dramatic, sci-fi and children's movies on DVD and Blu-ray format. Browse Walmart's new movie releases here.

Of interest, the "Every Day Low Price" king is trying to shake up the world of pricing once again. Wal-Mart has rolled out an online tool that allows shoppers to compare its prices on 80,000 food and household products to those of its competitors. The world's largest retailer began offering the feature that's called "Savings Catcher" on its website. Read more at USA Today.

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