what time at night do the powerball numbers come out?

Powerball numbers are drawn every Wednesday and Saturday night at 10:59pm EST.

Each ticket costs $2. Draw sales cut off at least 59 minutes before the draw, but a state may cut off sales earlier. Please check with your state lottery for your cut-off time.

Beginning October 2015, Powerball® became an even larger combined large jackpot game and cash game. Every Wednesday and Saturday night , they draw five white b@lls out of a drum with 69 b@lls and one red ball out of a drum with 26 red b@lls. This change means bigger jackpots, this also improves your odds of winning a prize.

Want to win the Powerball jackpot? Here's some Tips on How to Pick Your Powerball Lottery Numbers shared by ABC News.

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Thursday, April 21 2016
Source: http://www.powerball.com/powerball/pb_howtoplay.asp