What other terms or phrases mean the same as postulate

The verb postulate means to claim or assume the truth of something without proof.

As an example Newsday recently released an article saying that "If Romney loses in a very close race [for the presidency], historians no doubt will postulate that he lost because of his failure to release his tax returns."

Synonyms include: speculate, take for granted, propose, put forward, premise, assert, guess, hypothesize, and theorize.

The noun postulate means something that is generally accepted or self-evident.

As an example, Caspionet reports on Kazakhstan celebrating its Constitution Day saying "The Article 1 of our Constitution provides that Kazakhstan is a welfare state so we fulfill this postulate through major efforts and through our country’s social and economic modernization."

Synonyms include: idea, faith, principle, thought, belief, conviction, philosophy and view.

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Friday, August 24 2012
Source: http://thesaurus.com/browse/postulate