What neighborhood in brooklyn did Adam Sandler grow up in?

Adam Sandler grew up in the southern neighborhood of Bensonhurst to his mother Judy, a teacher, and his father Stanley, an electrical engineer.

Adam Sandler was the third of four children, and has one brother and two sisters, called Scott, Elizabeth and Valerie.

Shortly after birth, Sandler was diagnosed with a troublesome speech impediment which makes his jaw move in a diagonal direction when he speaks. Sandler had extensive speech therapy for this problem whilst he was growing up, but it has never totally been cured and can still be observed if Sandler gets upset or overly stressed.

When Sandler was six years old, his family moved away from New York to the city of Manchester in New Hampshire. He went to school at Webster Elementary and Hillside Junior High, but did not shine at his studies, preferring wrestling and basketball to more academic pursuits. Sandler remains a keen basketball player to this day and likes to shoot hoops wherever he happens to be performing. Read more at Lifetime.

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