What ncaa team has won both mens and womens basketball championship in the same year?

In 1984, Division II's UCM, formerly Central Missouri state, became the first school to win the NCAA men's and women's basketball championships in the same season. In 2004, Division I's UConn became the second school in history to win the men's NCAA National Championship and the women's basketball title in the same season.

Of interest, Louisville just beat Michigan 82-76 to win the 2013 NCAA Division I men's basketball championship. UConn just defeated Louisville 93-60 to win the 2013 NCAA Division I women's basketball championship.

In other NCAA news, Iowa State is in hot water after its coaches in football, men's basketball, and several other sports made "a significant number" of impermissible calls and text messages while recruiting players. The university has asked for two years of probation, retroactive to November of 2011.

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