What nationality is lisa left eye lopes and her parents?

Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes is African American of Cape Verdean origin.

She was born to Cape Verdean parents, mother Wanda Lopes and father Ronald Lopes. About 71% of the population of Cape Verde is a mix of Sub Saharan Africans and Europeans usually from Portugal and Spain.

Lisa was born on May 27, 1971 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Lopes was a singer and member of the female group TLC, formed in 1991. Their first album, Oooooooh . . . On the TLC Tip, had 3 Top 10 hits. After a lengthy hiatus, Lisa embarked on a solo project titled Supernova. The release date for the album was set for August, 2001, but was postponed repeatedly.

On April 25, 2002, Left Eye died in a car accident on a highway in Roma (near La Ceiba), Honduras, where she owned a condominium.

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