What months can ameren cilco not shut ur gas and electric off in illinois?

Not Legal Advice: Illinois law states that utilities are not allowed to disconnect services from December 1 to March 31 when the temperature is below 32F. The law also states that utilities cannot be shut off during summer months when the temperature is above 95F.

Utilities in Illinois are required to offer a payment plan of a 10% down payment and equalized billing over the following 4 to 12 months before disconnecting. The utility cannot be disconnected during the protection dates unless it has offered a deferred payment plan & informed the customer of energy assistance funds. If a customer fails to agree to a payment plan, gas and electric services can still be shut off.

It was recently announced that due to cuts in Federal Heating Assistance and a return of more normal weather patterns this winter, home heating costs are expected to rise.

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Thursday, November 01 2012

Source: http://liheap.ncat.org/Disconnect/disconnect.htm#il

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