What loan companies are similar to spot loan

Not financial advice: Spotloan offers high-interest short-term loans. It's an installment loan, wherein you pay down the principal with each on time payment.

Other similar services are available from prosper.com which offers peer-to-peer loans and paydayloansonline.net which offer no-credit-check loans. Paydayone.com lends short-term money that carries from 200% to 800% interest (APR).

Spotloan makes up to $800 available on variable repayment plans. They recommend that this expensive source of credit should only be used for emergencies.

Spot Loan differentiates itself from payday loans because they offer installment payback options. Their maximum APR is 450%. Their loan details are available Spotloan.com.

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Wednesday, September 07 2016
Source: http://www.spotloan.com/

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