What is the stock gear ratio in a 2008 chevy silverado 1500

According to forums, you need the RPO code of the sticker in the glove box to know the stock gear ratio of your car. The code for the gear ratio will match one of these:

  • GQ1: Axle Rear, $TD Ratio
  • GT4: Axle Rear, 3.73 Ratio
  • GT5: Axle Rear, 4.10 Ratio
  • GU4: Axle Rear, 3.08 Ratio
  • GU5: Axle Rear, 3.23 Ratio
  • GU6: Axle Rear, 3.42 Ratio
  • G80: Axle Rear, Limited Slip (Positraction)
  • HC4: Axle Rear, 4.56 Ratio

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