What is the size in inches of a tire that is a 295/70 r17 <HUCK>

Here’s what we found for the tire size of 295/70-R17:

  • Diameter inches (mm) - 33.26 (844.8)
  • Width inches (mm) - 11.61 (295)
  • Circum. inches (mm) - 104.49 (2654.02)
  • Sidewall Height inches (mm) - 8.13 (206.5)
  • Revolutions per mile (km) - 606.38 (376.79)

But it will still vary, like the Cooper Discoverer ST MAXX - 295/70R17 with a diameter of 33.23" and a width of 12.0", it is mounted on a 17" rim with 624 revolutions per mile. And Toyo Open Country M/T - 295/70R17, with a diameter of 33.5" and a width of 12", mounted on a 17" rim with 602 revolutions per mile.

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Monday, February 02 2015