What is the price for one Teva 834 pill?

Because prescription co-pays vary by insurance coverage pharmacies usually won't let you know how much a drug costs until your prescription has been processed and your co-pay has been determined. We were able to discover that the cash price of 30 tablets of Teva 834 (Clonazepan 2mg) can cost between $18 and $25 depending on the pharmacy you go to. This amounts to between $0.60 and $0.83 per tablet.

Not legal advice: Sources suggest that the street price for one Teva 834 (Clonazepan 2mg) is between $4 and $6.50. It is illegal to sell prescription drugs on the street even if they belong to you. If caught by law enforcement, you may serve prison time.

Not medical advice: TEVA 834 (Clonazepam 2 mg) is prescribed to treat anxiety, sleep paralysis, benzodiazepine withdrawal, panic disorder, bipolar disorder, epilepsy, and more.

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