What is the phone number to schneider trucking company?

To contact Schneider National, Inc. (Trucking), you may use this contact information: 3101 S. Packerland Dr., Green Bay, WI 54306, 1-920-592-2000 (Main Phone) or 1-920-592-3063 (Fax). You can contact 1-800-558-6767 as well.

For information on submitting a contribution request to the Schneider National Foundation, please send emails to foundation@schneider.com. For sales, you can contact Schneider National, Inc. at 1-800-635-9801 or 1-902-592-3110.

This company was founded in 1935. A.J. "Al" Schneider, the company founder, used the proceeds from the sale of the family car to buy his first truck in 1935.

In recent trucking news, in its short-term energy outlook published recently this month, the Department of Energy’s Energy Information Administration says it forecasts diesel to average $3.84 per gallon in 2013. The short-term energy outlook also forecasts a spike in natural gas prices. In other recent news, American Trucking Associations Chief Economist Bob Costello issued his forecast for trucking in 2013, stating that "it isn't rosy, but neither is it gloomy." Costello predicted that flatbed carriers would continue to do well, thanks partially to an increase in housing starts. Costello saw one of the industry’s 2013 pressure points being pressure on fleets to replace equipment as well.

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Wednesday, December 26 2012
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