What is the number to call to pay a direct tv bill

Call 1-800-531-5000 to make a payment to DIRECTV. Make payments through the automated phone system free. A $5.00 phone-assistance fee will apply if you wish to speak with a representative.

Other ways to pay your DIRECTV bill:

  • Create an Account or sign in at directv.com.

  • Text Pay to 21880 and follow the prompts. Standard text messaging and date rates may apply.

  • Send a check or Money Order in the pre-printed envelope included with your monthly bill.

  • Pay with cash at any participating retailer. Call 1-800-PRECASH (773-2274) or visit www.precash.com.

  • Pay with cash at any participating retailer. To find one call 1-888-477-7297 or visit www.payxchange.net.

  • Pay with cash at Western Union. For a Quick Collect payment, use "DIRECTVUT" for the city code.

  • For a MoneyGram Express payment, use "DIRECTV" as the company name, and "1602" for the city code.

  • Bill payment service at your banking institution.

Get the most from your DIRECTV service with this Tips & Tricks Guide from DIRECTV.

DIRECTV has a new recycling program. Send in your unused, non-reparable, or outdated electronic devices, including DIRECTV receivers and up to four non-DIRECTV electronics. Go to their recycling site, answer questions about your equipment, print a shipping label, and then ship your device to their certified R2 recycler.

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