What is the number for CLEAR internet service

CLEAR, Dept. CH 14365, Palatine, IL 60055-4365. Customer Care: 888-888-3113. Outside the United States: 702-965-1481. Remember to use the appropriate country code when calling from outside of the United States. International long distance charges may apply. You can also chat with customer service online.

CLEAR built the first 4G Network in the country, and now their network reaches 130 million people and covers more than 80 cities across the U.S.

The company’s 4G network is highly scalable and backed by a wealth of spectrum. What is spectrum? It’s the basis of a wireless network; the more spectrum a network has, the simpler it is to move large amounts of data back and forth. CLEAR have more spectrum than any other U.S. wireless provider which positions them perfectly for long-term success in the rapidly expanding world of 4G.

According to The Wall Street Journal, EarthLink, Inc., (NASDAQ: ELNK) a leading IT services and communications provider, today announced the launch of its new 4G Internet-at-Home wireless Internet plans for consumers. EarthLink's service will utilize the Clearwire 4G network via a wholesale agreement announced last September. EarthLink will offer two packages ideal for wireless Internet access for the home in over 80 cities nationwide. Find out more here.

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