What is the meaning of the word "tapiture"?

We could find no word Tapiture in any language, however we did find it used as the name of a web site.

Tapiture.com is a web site that allows you to collect and share photos you find around the web.

They have a simple bookmarklet that you can drop into your bookmark bar located here.

Once you install that and register for the site, any time you come across an interesting photo on a web site you can click the bookmarklet to activate it, then click on the photo.

After you click on the picture it gets saved to your Tapiture wall, and you can add a description and appropriate tags to it.

Tapiture has a zero tolerance policy toward nudity, anyone that Taps offensive photos will have their IP address permanently blocked from accessing the Tapiture website.

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Monday, August 06 2012
Source: http://tapiture.com/faq/