What is the guy on the nfl sidelines that wears the big orange gloves job?

The man with the orange gloves on the sidelines is the sideline coordinator or NFL liaison. When games are televised, the broadcasting network must coordinate with the referees in order to get all of the commercials in during the game. The liaison will inform the head referee when to take a TV timeout and will motion to the referee when the commercials are over and play can begin again. If a team calls a time-out, the liaison will inform the referee if they will go to commercial or if they will continue broadcasting live.

The orange gloves are used because they are easily visible by the referee. In the 1960s, the liaisons were referred to as “red hats” based on the headgear they wore during the game.

With the 2012 NFL season in full swing, the Patriots and the 49ers are both favored to win the Super Bowl.

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