What is the guy on the nfl sidelines that wears the big orange gloves job?

The man with the orange gloves on the sidelines is the "timeout producer", also known as “orange sleeves”.

When games are televised, the broadcasting network must coordinate with the referees in order to get all of the commercials in during the game. The timeout producer ensures fans at home don’t miss a second of game action by working with the officiating crew and coordinating with the production team in the truck.

The timeout producer coordinate with the guys in the trucks when they want to take a break and he communicate that to the officials on the field so they can try and work as seamlessly as possible.

Crossing his arms (across the chest) indicates they want to take a commercial following the current play. Then, once they’re into the commercial, he put one arm behind his back so the radio folks up in the booth can see that they’re in commercial as well, because they go off of their timing. So do all of the local people. When they go to break, everybody goes to break. (There are five media timeouts per quarter and can take up to eight, depending on circumstances and that sort of thing.)

The orange gloves are used because they are easily visible by the referee. In the 1960s, timeout producers were referred to as “red hats” based on the headgear they wore during the game.

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