What is the distance between Hermosa beach pier and manhattan beach pier?

According to Distancebetweencities.net, the distance from Manhattan Beach Pier, Manhattan Beach, CA to Hermosa Beach Pier, Pier Avenue, Hermosa Beach, CA is 2 miles. You can get this distance for about 8 mins.

Manhattan Beach is most popular for surfing and beach volleyball. About 50 volleyball courts are spread out along the 2-mile long beach.

The City of Manhattan Beach hosts an annual volleyball tournament and an international surf festival. Surfers usually hang out at the two most popular spots along the beach, the Pier and El Porto. The well-maintained beach draws nearly 4 million visitors every year.

Like its neighbor beaches, Hermosa Beach is best known for surfing and volleyball. The wide swath of sand is popular with sun bathers, families with children, and those who like to play in the waves.

The 1328-foot long Hermosa Beach Pier was built in the early 20th century. Its concrete structure and asphalt surface have survived 100 years of storms. There are no buildings on the pier.