What is the difference between advanced purchase, web only fare, standard fare, and refundable on greyhound tickets?

Greyhound Fare Definitions:

Web Only Fare: Special fare that is available when you purchase your ticket online.

Advance Purchase: Special fare that allows you to get a better deal when you plan your trip ahead of time.

Standard Fare: Greyhound regular fare price that is available on line or at any of their convenient ticketing locations.

Refundable Fare: These fares are fully refundable and available for purchase as walk-up fare.

Advance Purchase and Web Only Fare are both non-refundable.

Not every ticket purchased from Greyhound is 100 percent refundable. It depends on the type of ticket that was purchased. In almost all cases there is a refundable and non-refundable fare available for the same trip. Non-refundable fares have no refund value. However, tickets can be exchanged for another date and time for a fee of $20.

Exchange must take place prior to the schedule travel date. If exchange request is not made prior to schedule travel date the ticket will be null and void. Refundable fares are fully refundable and can be exchanged with no additional fee. However, exchange or refund must be made prior to schedule travel date. All exchanges will be based on schedule availability.

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