What is the current scrap metal price in south carolina?

It will vary by the metal itself. For example, scrap shredder steel can go for $7 per 100 pounds, aluminum cans can go for $0.60 per pound, and #1 copper can go for $2.15 per pound ($1.55 per pound for #2 copper).

You can contact companies like CRC Scrap Metal Recycling for more info on metal prices, at: 12881 E Wade Hampton Blvd, Duncan, SC 29334, 1-864-801-1765 ext 3 (for retail public pricing).

CRC is a locally owned and operated scrap metal recycling yard in Duncan, South Carolina. They specialize in offering the highest prices for all scrap metal commodities while being dedicated to customer service.

Instead of trashing items like metal wire pieces, plastic bottles and other household things, consider reusing and recycling. Here are some tips on how to collect metal and scrap from your household items for making money shared by Livinggreenandsavingenergy.com.

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Monday, January 16 2017
Source: http://www.crcmetalrecycling.com/