What is the cattle market price today

Cattle market prices vary by state. For Alabama, here is Cattle Prices Alabama Auctions' Daily Summary:

Find your state's current Cattle Prices at Cattle.com.

According to Agweb.com, the October cattle on feed report for feedlots with a 1000 head or more capacity indicated cattle and calves on feed as of October 1, 2015 totaled 10.22 million head, 2.3% higher than a year ago, with the pre-report estimate average expecting an increase of 1.8%. September placements in feedlots totaled 1.93 million head, down 4.1% from a year ago with the pre-report estimate average expecting placements down 6.1%. September marketing’s totaled 1.64 million head down 2.4% from 2014 while the pre-report estimate expectation was down 2.3%.

Grit Magazine has suggestions on how greenhorns should not act at their first auction and Kansas State University offers details on what factors affect auction prices of feeder cattle.

The business of buying and selling cattle can be a considerably lucrative one. A cattle buyer looks only for the healthiest cattle, while a seller wants to make sure that he gets the best prices for the cows he's selling. Check out some tips on how to make money buying & selling cattle at Chron.com.

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