What is the best position to lie in when you have period cramps?

Not Medical Advice: You can temporarily relieve period pain by lying in the fetal position with your knees tucked as close to your chin as possible.

That's because the body automatically knows that this position helps relax tummy muscles and relieve the pain a bit.

Menstrual cramping usually starts after ovulation but it is possible to have the cramping but no period. Usually a young girl will start with period cramps before their first period and it can intensify from there. However as previously mentioned some women do not have menstrual cramping at all. It just really varies from one woman to the next.

Dealing with cramping in the abdominal area, upper thighs, and severe lower back pain is a serious concern for many women prior to, during and occasionally after their menstrual cycle. This is often called pre-menstrual syndrome and post menstrual syndrome.

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