what is prince royce celphone number??

As it turns out, Prince Royce' cell phone number is not published. However, he is managed by Andres (DRE) Hidalgo who owns 2 Strong Music, Inc.. You can contact them through email at info@2strongmusic.com (for general inquiries) or bookings@2strongmusic.com (for bookings).

You can contact Celebrity Talent International at 760-729-2000 about how to hire Prince Royce. They claim to have the current price and availability of any major celebrity with one phone call.

To find the latest updates on Prince Royce, just visit his Facebook page or follow him on Twitter @PrinceRoyce. You can also check his tour dates here.

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Monday, April 14 2014
Source: http://www.2strongmusic.com/#!about_us/cjg9