What is nine tenths of a mile or 9/10s of a mile

Nine-tenths (nine parts out of ten; 90%; 9/10) of a mile is equivalent to:

1.4484096 kilometers

1448.4096 meters

4752 feet

1584 yards

'One-tenth of a mile' means that you divide the mile up into 10 equal parts. It follows that if you're going to take nine-tenths of a mile, you are taking 9 of those parts.

More than ten-tenths (such as eleven-tenths or fourteen-tenths), the distance formed by the parts is greater than a mile because the units add up to more than the whole.

If fewer are taken, such as two-tenths or nine-tenths, the resulting distance is less than a mile.

How to Convert Lengths (courtesy of MathsisFun.com):

To convert length from one unit to another: multiply by the correct number.

Follow these steps:

Find the correct conversion number (see Conversion Charts)

Then multiply by that number

Sometimes you can get the conversion the "wrong way around", so it is a good idea to think "will my answer be more or less?"

If you get the wrong answer, try dividing by the conversion number.

Wednesday, July 19 2017
Source: http://www.mathsisfun.com/length-conversion.html

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