What is game software knowledge in a Gamestop Application?

When applying for a job at GameStop, a part of the application form will ask you to fill out a blank portion labeled as "Game Software Knowledge".

While you might be confused on what should be the most appropriate things to put in this section, sources say that you can just simply state what you know about the games (or tell them you're an avid gamer).

Let them know what you're a fan of and your hands-on experience with different game genres published over the last five years. You can make a list of your favorite systems and game companies under each one.

You could say how familiar you are with different console platforms. With this, you'll be able to advise a customer on who develops what and which games might best fit their interest.

To look for available positions, see GameStop Careers page.

To download their application for employment form, click here.

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