What is freedom31.com?

Not financial advice: The website "freedom31.com" is the site of a company that sells instructional videos on how to work at home for a living. While it can't be verified for certain that it's a scam, the company makes it seem like you will make a lot of money doing this, but there is a disclaimer stating that there are no guarantees.

It also appears to be a legitimate job possibility in which one would certainly make plenty of money, but it's more like a business opportunity where one would be taking risks. So while it may not be an outright scam, it's somewhat deceptive. One has to pay about $40 for DVDs showing how to set up a work-at-home business.

On the positive side, the program was featured on CNN Headline News, Fox News, Oprah and Friends, Bloomberg, and Cosmo Radio. The website is based out of Salem, Oregon and no virus threats or other security issues have been found with the site.

Friday, September 21 2012
Source: http://freedom31.com/pckg/OrderNow.aspx