What is chucky's wife's name in the bride of chucky?

In the 1998 movie Bride of Chucky, the name of the bridal figurine is Tiffany (played by Jennifer Tilly).

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In Bride of Chucky, the world’s most notorious doll meets his match . . . in more ways than one. His ex-girlfriend Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly), who has been carrying a torch for him ever since his soul was transferred into the "Good Guy" doll, contrives to rescue his bagged remains from a police evidence lock-up where they have rested since the last movie.

With heavy-duty thread and a box full of old doll parts, she manages to patch together the love of her life. On a dark and stormy night, with marriage on her mind, she intones the incantation and breathes life back into the little Guy. But her beloved Chucky is not as grateful as she’d like.

Turns out he likes the singles scene. Enraged, Tiffany imprisons Chucky and presents him with a ‘girlfriend’ his own size -- a doll decked out in a wedding dress. But Chucky has other plans; he likes his women to have a little more soul. Faster than she can say "I will," Tiffany gets the white gown she’s always dreamed of, it’s just a whole lot smaller than she ever expected. But then, so is she.

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