What is Brandi from Storage Wars bra size?

Brandi’s measurements have been the topic of speculation for some time now but Brandi Passante has not publicly disclosed her bra size, and has even kept her exact date of birth to herself. She lives with her long-time boyfriend, Jarrod Schulz, and their two children.

Passante's name has been all over the web since she filed a lawsuit against a web site owner last fall. Hunter Moore is accused of posting faked erotic photos and video of Passante online, and selling unauthorized merchandise that uses her likeness. All of this has caused her to leave social media entirely, and lose sleep and feel physically ill according to the lawsuit.

Just recently, the A&E reality star won the lawsuit but has just received $750! Originally, $2.5 million was demanded but a federal judge said that amount can't be justified. However, the defendant will likely have to pick up Passante's legal bill. Read more at Hollywood Reporter.

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