What is blue book value of 1985 chevy corvett

The Kelley Blue Book only lists vehicle values for cars that are model year 1991 and newer. The Nada Guide lists a 1985 Chevrolet Corvette 2 Door Hatchback as having an average current retail price of $8,300, with a low retail of $5,100 and a high retail of $14,350. Prices vary based on mileage, condition and options/specs. The original MSRP of the vehicle was $24,403.

Low Retail Value: Mechanically functional condition, minor reconditioning only needed. Normal wear of exterior paint, normal wear of trim and interior, minor reconditioning only needed. A deteriorated restoration or a very poor amateur restoration qualify. Mostly usable "as-is" but is not considered a "parts car."

Average Retail Value: Good overall condition. Older restoration or a well-maintained original vehicle qualify. Completely operable and is a "20-footer." Mechanics, exterior paint, and trim, are presentable and serviceable inside.

High Retail Value: Excellent overall condition. Completely restored or extremely well-maintained original vehicle showing very minimal wear. No reconditioning of the exterior paint, trim, and mechanics needed. Excellent condition interior. Not a "100 point or a "#1" vehicle.

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