What is abnormal swelling of the alveoli called?

Not Medical Advice: The abnormal swelling of alveoli is called Edema.

Disease associated with swelling of alveoli:

Pulmonary edema

According to MedicineNet.com, pulmonary edema is the term used when edema happens in the lungs. The immediate area outside of the small blood vessels in the lungs is occupied by very tiny air sacs called the alveoli. This is where oxygen from the air is picked up by the blood passing by, and carbon dioxide in the blood is passed into the alveoli to be exhaled out.

Alveoli normally have a thin wall that allows for this air exchange, and fluids are usually kept out of the alveoli unless these walls lose their integrity.


Human Diseases and Conditions explains that in emphysema, the bronchi and bronchioles are inflamed and continually swollen and clogged. This causes the alveoli to swell. These fragile air sacs burst and merge together.

This damage to the alveoli makes it more difficult for the transfer of oxygen and carbon dioxide to take place.

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Tuesday, May 05 2015
Source: http://www.papfoundation.org/glossary.htm