What is a vox?

VOX logoVox can be any one of a number of things.

There is a brand of Vodka called VOX ("the smoothest of the smooth").
There is a guitar amplifier company called VOX (they made their first amps in 1957), they also make guitars and peddle effects.
There is a "Budget Release" record label called Vox (started in 1945).
There's a creative services company called Vox (they specialize in VO [Voice Over], work, Celebrity Endorsements, Gaming, Motion Capture, and Reality TV).
There's a musical theater company called VOX (started in 2004, officially recognized in 2008).
There's even a Music Player Mac OS X app called Vox (it is capable of playing more than a dozen sound formats).

Smartphone users often use the expression "Vox me" when they are using the Voxer Walkie Talkie app with a friend.