What is a sheet or web supported by springs in a metal frame and used as a springboard?

Trampoline - a piece of equipment that has a sheet of strong cloth attached by springs to a metal frame, used for jumping up and down for exercise or as a sport - Merriam-Webster


Italian trampolino springboard, from trampol stilts, of Germanic origin; akin to Middle Low German trampen to stamp

First Known Use: 1798

The trampoline is used in the sport of trampolining (sometimes called rebound tumbling). In the sport, the trampoline is used to rebound the athlete, so he or she can perform acrobatic movements in midair. The trampoline is also a training tool for gymnasts, divers, and pole vaulters.

Have you ever wondered who created the first trampoline? What makes them so springy? The health benefits of all that bouncing? Jump through the history of trampolines in the infographic from Inuits to Jump Nation with a few fun facts along the way!

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